Operation Indigo Skyfold: Phase 2

indigo skyfold.jpg

This was first exposed during late 2014 when a military pilot whistleblower stepped forward and completely blew the lid off the unlawful and exceedingly destructive Global Chemtrail Program. We already knew about the HAARP weather manipulation, the toxic barium and aluminum, the nano-particles, Morgellons Disease, aerosol vaccines and other various carcinogens that were being sprayed on the public for numerous destructive reasons. Yet, the phase 2 which we are well into today has gone much darker and even worse than we first imagined. This latest version and phase of Chemtrails is now being sprayed 24/7 around the globe by our own US military aircraft with terrible consequences.

The pilot interviewed stated that 80 percent of the pilots flying did not have families or children. They were hand selected as men who had become hardened to humanity so they could deliver this aerial genocide project without conscience. He referred to them as the “Tanker Terminators.”  Many of these flight are being launched and orchestrated from small unnamed islands, where newly constructed Chemtrail flight bases are being constantly built now with around 8 new ones each year. These aircraft are equipped with a FP-03 flash-point self-destruct technology which the code can be launched by satellite. This is done to ensure that there are no pilot defectors and in order to conceal the aircraft technology. This would prevent any traces of the aircraft contents from ever being seen or found should a flight go down. The pilot stated that they fly very low at nite spreading these poisons on us while we sleep like the “Dark Force Empire” of Crop Dusters.

The new version of Chemtrail will have radioactive particles and will go invisible. This will make it even harder to detect.  This latest project in question is from the same people who brought us Operation Paper Clip holds a multi layer purpose.  One is to shield us from viewing the approaching planet X that is coming more visible in our skies at sunrise and sunset. The second part you simply can not ignore is the wide spread illness that has gripped the world these days both physically and mentally. We are at an all time global high in Cancer, Autism, Autoimmune Disease, Diabetes, Parkinsons, Chemical Toxicity and Respiratory Distress. This is now even further complicated by the huge wave of widespread emotional instability, mental illnesses and psychological disorders in society. These are now often accompanied with sudden unexplained outbursts of rage in schools, airplanes, shopping malls and in urban centers in general. Sporadic mental destabilization, aggression and unexplained violent outbursts have become our daily norm.

Yet, why now are people physically and mentally sicker than ever before in our history as a civilization ?  One answer is the very fact that they are being constantly sprayed morning and nite as if we are the pestilence of the earth. Humans are now being treated like a science experiment or a colony of insects that need to be slowly sickened and then eliminated. The onslaught of toxins are surrounding our daily lives and it has finally pushed humans to the breaking point both physically and mentally. Toxins in our food, water, workplace, shopping, toiletries, clothing, cleaning products, onboard aircraft and now even in the air we breathe when outside or while sleeping in our beds at nite. It is time that we wake up to what is happening around us and demand political change from our leaders. As well as become activist for this cause. Otherwise, we can simply remain silent and wait for these physically and mentally toxic sprayings to finish us off over time. Now is the time to act and we do not have a moment to waste,

Knowledge is Power.

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Link: Aviation Travel Writer: The Flight Times Blog






flash-point or FP- 03 as it is known within the veteran community. This program is a self-destruct



nearly 1/3 of all flights are being orchestrated from small unnamed islands, where newly constructed bases are being built at a rate of 8 per year. 





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